Call for Photos

If anyone would like to share some photos to be posted here, contact us for submission details.

2016 funding focus: Motus Wildlife Tracking Towers

In general the Muckrace funds are used for Bird conservation, wildlife habitat improvement and public access in the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.

Donations are still open!

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The Winners

  • Competitive team: Basin Chasin’ Jays – 125 species
  • Winning Low-carbon team: Terns and Conditions – 52 species
  • Winning Youth Team: Birds R Us – 104 species
  • Winning Recreational Team: Ruff Ryders – 108 species
  • Winning Collegiate Division: SUNY COBY Terninators – 80 species
  • Winning Family/Mentor team: MAC Daddy and the Chicks – 65 species
  • Winning Photo team: The Woodcocks – 73 species

Most memorable team birds

Brown BoobieMerlin, Dunlin, Eurasian Wigeon, Connecticut Warbler, Pine Siskin.

New species

Pine Siskin, Brown Boobie and Little Gull.

Notable Species NOT seen

Dark-eyed Junco, G-crowned Kinglet

Species Counts

  • Warbler species recorded: 22
  • Shorebird species recorded: 21
  • 17 species seen by all teams; 23 seen by only 1 team