The Winners

  • Winning Competitive team: Wind Birders – 119 sp.
  • Winning Low-carbon team: Terns and Conditions – 51 sp.
  • Winning Recreational Team: Hovering Howland Harries – 130 sp.
  • Winning Family/Mentor team: Silky Flycatchers – 113 sp.
  • Winning Photo team: Shutterbirds – 70 sp.

Most memorable team birds

American White Pelican, Least Bittern, Merlin, Ruddy Duck, Sandhill Cranes

New species

Laughing Gull

Notable Species NOT seen

We got almost all except: Spotted Sandpiper, Barred Owl, either bittern and the Laughing Gull, “Peeps! We need to find the peeps!”

Species Counts

  • Warbler species recorded: 20
  • Shorebird species recorded: 18
  • Waterfowl species recorded: 19

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