Montezuma Audubon Center

Trails Open Everyday – Dawn-Dusk

MAC Visitor Center Hours:

The MAC Visitor Center is currently closedRe-opening TBD

Join Environmental Educator Alyssa Johnson for a virtual tour of the Montezuma Audubon Center

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

The Refuge Visitor Center is currently closed
Opening Date TBD

The Wildlife Drive is Open from Dawn to Dusk

Please visit responsibly

  • Stay in your vehicle until designated viewing areas (marked by binocular sign).
  • Walking and bicycling are NOT PERMITTED on the Drive until Memorial Day weekend.
  • Dogs & other pets are NOT PERMITTED outside of vehicles along the Drive.
  • Hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset.
  • The Drive is ONE WAY. It ends on State Route 89. A left onto Rte 89 takes you back to US Route 20. A right onto Rte. 89 takes you to viewing areas and ultimately to the Montezuma Audubon Center.

Photo courtesy of Barbara Paserk


We support habitat restoration and management, wildlife conservation, and enhancement projects at the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.

Ongoing Programs


Our 24-hour birding competition

What’s New

Radar Showing Montezuma’s Birds Taking Flight

Radar Showing Montezuma’s Birds Taking Flight

The National Weather Service in Binghamton, NY tweeted a radar image that shows more than rain approaching. #Rain approaching from the south. Also note the feature to the north. Migratory #birds taking off from the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge.

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Rail Banding Project 2016

Rail Banding Project 2016

One project accomplished in 2016 was the launch of a multi-year rail banding study. Rails are common in the Montezuma Marshes, but they are secretive and infrequently encountered. The goal of the study is to uncover important information about their secret lives – to better understand, especially, the movement and habitat utilization of rails in the Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area marshes.

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The 20th Annual Muckrace Musings

The 20th Annual Muckrace Musings

A great turnout of enthusiastic birders enjoyed the ‘Big Day’, 24-hour birding event and premier fund-raising effort of the Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex. This was the 20th annual Muckrace and it continues to provide good times for birders of all skills and ages.

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