We put the drone up Friday for her first workout and took a few pics.  It’s tough getting whole marsh pics at places like Marten’s Tract or Guys Marsh without flying higher than is legal or being at an angle that makes it tough to pic out detail.

You can see in some of the pics that we’re still dealing with higher than normal water levels, and our drawdowns have been taking longer than we’re used to, but we’re getting a bit more aggressive now that we can so we should be back on track.  Check out the phrag control area from 2016 in Unit 1 (cool), and also the 2016 “snake and eggs” mowing in Guys Marsh (also cool).  The Teal Pond Pic also shows the fields at Martens Tract that we recently planted with seed provided to us by DU (Thanks DU!).

Let us know if you have any ideas for the drone, detailed pics you think might be useful etc.