Volunteer at The MWC

Volunteers continue to be vital to the success of our programs. Many of the facilities and programs that visitors enjoy are available because of this dedicated group of people. The Friends’ volunteers are a diverse group, ranging from students to retirees.

New volunteers are needed to help meet the growing demands on the refuge and its programs. Anyone interested in helping staff the Visitor Center, perform trail maintenance, develop exhibits, conduct environmental education programs and/or work with the the Friends of The Montezuma Wetlands Complex should contact:
Friends of the Montezuma Wetlands Complex, c/o Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, 3395 Routes 5/20 East, Seneca Falls, New York 13148.

Typical volunteer activities include:

Operating the Visitor Center and the Lodge (gift shop)

We are always in need of people to run the cash register in the gift shop, but there are other behind the scene jobs, as well. Volunteers are needed to check in, price and display merchandise; keep records, i.e., vendor information, daily tallies and deposits, help with monthly and yearly inventory counts.

We also need someone to open and distribute our mail, either on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Much of our membership dollars and donations come in the mail.

Staffing the visitor center desk.

It sounds intimidating; people often feel that they must have a vast knowledge of wildlife, environmental issues and the Complex to do the job. This is NOT the case at all. Basic people skills, the ability to pass out maps and a knowledge of the difference between an eagle and an osprey, are about all that are needed to get one through a typical day at the desk. Orientation and training are being planned for new volunteers for next spring. The best part of working the Visitor Center desk is that the nicest people come in to visit.

Help With Our Newsletter

There is a great need for people to help with Cattails, our group’s newsletter.

New Member Correspondence

Writing and mailing thank you letters to new members and for donations we receive.
Volunteer Coordinator to introduce new volunteers to the appropriate program/person and organize training.

News Release Coordinator

Sending news for programs, announcements and events, both email and snail mail.

Outreach Programs

Volunteers to staff travel trailer at off site programs.


Recruiting presenters, listing programs/dates, set up/break down and introduction of presenters for programs; preparing news releases for programs and getting it to the news release volunteer.

Web page maintenance and contributors

Help keeping the website up to date with events and contributing content about the Montezuma Wetlands Complex.

Volunteer Handbook

Ruth and Don Kalen have updated the Refuge Volunteer Handbook, and decided to put it online.