The 2016/2017 Montezuma Winter Raptor Survey season is underway.

Surveys have been conducted annually at Montezuma since 2010, and will be conducted weekly on Wednesdays, one half hour before sunset to one half hour after sunset through the end of March.

Volunteers are directed to a variety of locations across the complex by our Raptor Survey guru, volunteer David Marsh. Those who are experienced in identifying Raptors are needed. In addition, those who do not have that expertise are very welcome to help, more eyes are important to spot Raptors, and will accompany experienced surveyors. We watch for the presence and activity of any raptors seen. The information gathered is tabulated and is used to better manage habitat for those raptors. Of particular interest is the presence/absence of Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls and the activity observed in the effort to enhance the habitat for these rarer species.

To participate

Contact David Marsh via email with ‘Raptor Survey’ in the subject line, or fill out the form below.

2017 Winter Raptor Signup