News From Friends of The Montezuma Wetlands Complex

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Drone Pics of Northern Montezuma

We put the drone up Friday for her first workout and took a few pics.  It's tough getting whole marsh pics at places like Marten's Tract or Guys Marsh without flying higher than is legal or being at an angle that makes it tough to pic out detail. You can see in some...

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Ninth Annual Robert DeRoo Memorial Conservation Dinner and Youth Hunt

The DeRoo Youth Conservation Event celebrated its ninth year providing youngsters with the opportunity to actually partake in hunting experiences for pheasant, waterfowl, and whitetail deer. The entire event took place over a two weekend period starting with the conservation dinner at the Montezuma Audubon Center (MAC) on Friday September 30th.

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Rail Banding Project 2016

One project accomplished in 2016 was the launch of a multi-year rail banding study. Rails are common in the Montezuma Marshes, but they are secretive and infrequently encountered. The goal of the study is to uncover important information about their secret lives – to better understand, especially, the movement and habitat utilization of rails in the Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area marshes.

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